Cultural Experiences

As future leaders, we continually strive to build stronger ties with our communities and the individuals within them. It is through this understanding that we grow and develop broader worldviews that will shape and support our lives. We celebrate our history through traditions that honor the past while serving the future.  Activities of our Chapter include:

Cultural Events
As part of the Ticktocker NCL Experience Six-Year Plan, the girls are introduced to a different cultural focus each year – theater, music, art, dance, and architecture are among the topics. Attending the cultural event with her class is required of each Ticktocker, and often includes the mothers, creating a great mother/daughter outing for a musical or dance performance, a play or a field trip to a museum.

Chapter Tea
Though every Chapter has its own personality and tone, all Chapters are required by our National organization to hold an annual tea. Some divide these up by grade level. The Palos Verdes Chapter has chosen to make this a Chapter-wide event, to give the whole group of mothers and daughters a chance to get together. Ticktockers are instructed in tea etiquette, and the day is a great chance to learn a bit about this traditional social occasion and to enjoy each other’s company. Patronesses and Ticktockers are required to attend the Chapter Tea, usually held in October.

Senior Recognition
The ceremony, presentation and dinner are the culmination of six years of service and togetherness. The evening is truly a celebration of the Ticktocker Senior Class and all that those girls have contributed to the community. It is remarkable to see how they mature from little girls in seventh grade into lovely young women as high school seniors.

Each senior class customizes the event to fit its personality, including choosing the theme and designing other aspects of the ceremony. There is a video presentation for each girl highlighting her memories of NCL and taking a look back at the years of friendship, philanthropy and mother/daughter time. The Senior Class may invite family and friends. Ticktockers are required to attend the Senior Recognition yearly, and Patronesses are strongly encouraged to join them at this special event.

Our NCL year (April 1–March 31) ends with our final Patroness meeting and new Board installation. Traditionally this has been an evening meeting, including dinner. This has become a night to thank everyone for the past year’s work, install officers for the coming year, welcome the Provisional Patronesses, and enjoy a video recap of our year.